Lindsay Guion Explains Why You Should Consider Donating to the American Heart Association this New Year

Holiday time embodies the spirit of giving. This New Year, Lindsay Guion of New York, New York, is asking that those seeking ways to give back consider a donation to the American Heart Association (AHA). 

Every 37 seconds in the United States, someone dies from cardiovascular disease, making it one of the most prominent causes of death in the world. Having lost his own father suddenly to heart disease, Lindsay Guion is passionate about advocating for research and care initiatives that are helping to put an end to cardiovascular disease and stroke. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to make a difference this holiday season, here’s why you should keep the American Heart Association in mind. 

Almost everyone will be impacted by heart disease

According to the CDC, an astounding one in four people will die of cardiovascular disease, making it one of the most prominent causes of death globally.

While there is currently no concrete cure or prevention method, organizations like the American Heart Association are leading the way in cardiovascular research, finding promising preventative methods and improved treatment options. 

The AHA plays a leading role in heart and stroke-related research worldwide

When it comes to public health education, CPR education training, and heart-related research, no organization is doing more or making a bigger impact than the AHA. Having been awarded the Nobel Prize 13 times for its work in the field, the AHA is undeniably one of the major forces behind advancement in heart health research—and according to Lindsay Guion, it relies almost entirely on public donations. 

Donating to the AHA is a great way to honor a loved one’s memory

This year, many families across the globe will have empty seats around the table during their holiday meals. Like Lindsay Guion, many of us have lost loved ones to heart disease. While the holidays may never be the same without them, Christmas does offer the perfect opportunity to honor their memory by giving back. Missing a loved one during the holidays is difficult, but a donation to the AHA is a beautiful way to honor their memory in a meaningful, tangible way. 

A tribute donation to the AHA makes a great gift

Each year, more and more families are opting out of traditional gift exchanges in lieu of more mindful giving alternatives. These days, individuals are more likely than ever to exchange experiences, gestures, and charitable donations rather than material gifts. A tribute donation to the AHA makes a wonderful, heartfelt gift for anyone who has lost a loved one to cardiovascular disease or encountered it themselves. 

Giving to the AHA means more families will spend their holidays together, says Lindsay Guion

The AHA saves lives. Through generous public donations, it’s able to pioneer technology that helps scientists develop cutting-edge treatments which are helping end cardiovascular and stroke-related fatalities.

Donations given to the AHA also fund initiatives to educate communities on preventative methods, provide CPR certifications, and place AEDs in key locations across the nation. Together, these research and education initiatives work to save lives—that way, more families can spend their holidays together.