About Lindsay Guion

With well over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Lindsay Guion brings an original understanding of music and technology. He is the founder, CEO and global chairman of GUION PARTNERS. The company works hand in hand and in conjunction with high profile clients from the sports as well as entertainment industries. Having completed his academia at Georgetown and Harvard University, Lindsay Guion believes fiercely in remaining up to date with technology innovations since it identifies with the entertainment industry. He brings critical thinking abilities, clarity, and certainty that is required for his clients to make the best possible decisions. Lindsay Guion has worked with several well-known artists and producers over the span of his professional career. This includes; Rich Harrison, producer for Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, and artists like D’Angelo, Ginuwine and Mya, among others. In addition to working with artists, Lindsay also participating in the creation of movies and soundtracks. His first project was a film named ‘Posse’, in 1993, with artists like the Neville Brothers and Tone Loc. Furthermore, his second film was the HBO movie Bessie, in 2015, with Queen Latifah as legendary blues singer Bessie Smith. Finally, Lindsay Guion is currently in the releasing stage for a soundtrack and film named ‘Therapy’.



As an entrepreneur, I enjoy developing multiple scenarios, which lead to different outcomes. This detailed analysis helps me pick the best option before making a decision. For example, before settling for option A, I try to come up with at least ten individual scenarios. Analysis tools allow me to remain productive and produce a high-level outcomes.


Exercising, eating healthy, and resting helps me remain productive. As a human, our bodies are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential that we build a mechanism to sustain our bodies. Furthermore, regular exercises regulate the circulation of blood in the body, which is quintessential when coming up with new ideas.


I started this business with just three employees in a tiny 3rd-floor office. In the initial stages, I only had a group of five motivated employees, and the organization has currently at least 12 employees. I took an idea, made sure that it was incubated until it was mature and ready for fruition, and finally implemented it.